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The little Cottage on the Cliff, Dolls house. We all in Whattown World of handmade, Hardwood toys felt that a range of toy houses was needed for all our beautiful toys to play in. 


The lid comes off to give you axsess to the inside of the cottage, the lid can be used separately as a stand alone toy beach  spread on the ground. 

The Doors are of a size that will allow all of our smaller toys to pass through, The windows are of different sizes and shapes to bring a lovely visual affect. 


The hardwood chimmnys comes in two types of timber beech or mahogany.

ECO frendly, CE compliant,  hard waring and Child safe.

Finished with Earthborn paints.


Note : The lid ( Roof ) all come in Yellow but you can choose an opshon for the House walls.

Note : This toy does not come with a back story but can be personalised with a name stenciled on the roof. 



Let your imagination go free. 


Kind regards from the team at OldBoy Woodworking. 

Little Cottage on the Cliff, Dolls house

Wood Finish
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