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Old Boy Woodworking

Hi there and thank you for using our website.

We felt we should just give you a brief history of our little company. 

The old boy that runs it and lovingly produces all the timber and wooden products, worked all his life in the marine industry and is a time served shipwright of high regard. 


Since semi-retiring in 2021 /2022 he set up his little, however well equipped joinery workshop at his home and spends many hours happily making all the products and more you see here. 

Welcome to Whattown World

Whattown world is a warm and inviting place with hills and sandy beaches, there is a large lake and a small river running down into that comes burbling from the hills. 

There is a mystical place in the clouds where the mystical caricatures live. There is a little town and port on its sandy banks with a railway station and railway track running through it. There is a forest nearby where the animals live. The town boasts a little police station, post office and airport. There are a group of caricatures living, playing and working in Whattown from Charlie the sports car to Dizzy the truck and yes don't forget Sky Puzzle the little airplane and many others. Whattown has many nooks and crannies to explore within your imagination.

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