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Doris the Duck pull along toy.


Old Boy Woodworking are pleased to offer our range of ECO friendly, hard wood toys from The Whattown World.

The toys are hand made in our workshop only using the best Beach and Mahogany timber, finished with natural beeswax.

They are Child friendly and designed to catch you and your child's imagination, immerse yourself in the Whattown World of toys.
All the toys come with a back story in the pictured envelope and an overview of Whattown World.

Whattown World is a warm and inviting place with hills and sandy beaches. There is a large lake, with a small river that flows down through the forist and landscape, that burbles from the colourful snow draped hills.

The small town of Whattown and its Harbour, snuggles on the sandy banks, of the beautiful glittering lake with forists. Whattown world boasts an airport and much much more.


Personalise the back story. Example . Happy Birthday To, Happy Christmas To, On your special day (the name) on your special "day" with lots of love from (what name ie Mummy Daddy) and all the toys in Whattown World.

To read more why not buy a toy, A nice little quirky children's story supplied free with every toy.

Set your imagination free.

All produced in the UK

Doris the Duck

Wood Finish
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